If you want to keep your personal information safe, you should use a VPN. VPN service providers will ensure keeping your personal data safe from cyberattacks by encrypting your data and hiding your IP address. PrivateVPN is one of the most recommended VPN service providers. It is known for its speed and security. In this PrivateVPN review, I will check if Private VPN is true to the reality of its reputation.

What is a PrivateVPN?

Before we dive into the Private Tunnel VPN review, let’s get started with an introduction to PrivateVPN. This is a leading Swedish VPN service provider established in 2009. Using Private tunnel VPN you can enjoy open internet from anywhere in the world and have complete peace of mind about data safety. and anonymity of you.


Up to now, PrivateVPN has secured 15000 TB of data and has more than 44 thousand satisfied customers with the service. PrivateVPN is committed to providing you with network security, speed, and competitive price that I will of course try to experience.

The PrivateVPN logo incorporates the lock pattern as the dominant symbol, meaning that it’s focused on safety or at least trying to ensure that.

“Unlock Anything. Protect Everything” – That’s their motto. So, let’s go into the Private VPN review and see if they’re really sticking to their values ​​or just talking like that. In this PrivateVPN review, I will provide important pros and cons for anyone considering using this VPN.

Reviews on PrivateVPN


If you decide to continue reading this PrivateVPN review, I’d like to start with the positives.

AES-256 military grade encryption

PrivateVPN keeps your identity safe. It protects your personal data and privacy with certainty. If you are using this VPN, no one will be able to access your personal information. Therefore, you feel completely safe.

Private VPN uses strong encryption. If you are new to this concept, I will explain how coding works. Encryption means that the electronic data is converted into an unreadable ciphertext without the correct key, which means that without the correct key, the ciphertext cannot be converted. into writing.

But how does it encrypt the data and why is this different from other VPNs?

All of their servers use military grade AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) that encrypts 256-bit code with 2048-bit DH key to ensure your security.

Want to know something else interesting?

It turns out that even the US government and military use AES-256 encryption, which means you have the same level of security as themselves.

So whether you are a student, an IT professional, or anyone concerned about security, PrivateVPN is always there for you!

But what about public cybersecurity? How about Wi-fi?

Keep calm. Even if you’re on public wi-fi, you’re protected. Imagine drinking a cup of coffee at a local coffee shop, enjoying a book in the library, or just reading the news in a public place.

You will no longer have to worry about your privacy because PrivateVPN does it all, you will be very safe anywhere, anytime. It works by creating layers of security through their tunnel connections, so even if someone tries to connect to your data, there’s little chance of that person solving it. the code gets it.

So I have covered all of the cybersecurity concerns in this Private VPN review, and it’s time to move on to the next section.

Works well with Netflix and Torrenting


If you want to find a VPN service that can work well with Netflix, I am glad you found out with this Private VPN review. Do you want to know why? I’m here to show you why Private VPN is better than any other VPN.

First of all, there aren’t many VPNs that allow Netflix, but Private VPNs don’t fall into this category.

Second, it turns out that Private VPN has a separate VPN created exclusively for Netflix. This is interesting, right? We all like to watch a good movie from time to time, and the Private VPN won’t interrupt this, just make it more secure.

Which Private VPN server unblocked Netflix?

Along with our team, we connected to various servers to see if they allowed to connect to Netflix. And it is true. Unblocking Netflix works for these servers: America (New York, Los Angeles), Canada, England & Netherlands.


Nor all VPNs allow torrenting, as with Netflix blocking. But Private VPN does it all! Be aware that torrenting is dangerous. Many torrenting sites are used for stealing even if the torrent itself is legitimate. You never know what file you are downloading, so why not protect yourself?

Why use a VPN for torrenting?

When using a VPN for torrenting, your IP address is transferred to one that perhaps hundreds or even thousands of others are using. As a result, you have an extra layer of security protection, and if someone wants to spy on you, this becomes more difficult or even impossible.

So next time you want to use torrents think of this Private VPN review and keep in mind the things I just told you. If you don’t care about your security, then nobody cares. And believe me when I say this, not many Private VPN reviews warn you about this.

The strict no-diary policy could not even the Government intervene

One of the key features every VPN service provider should have is its no-history data log policy. You may have noticed that many of the Private VPN reviews claim this as well.

Even if you’ve never used a VPN service before, it’s important to understand that everything you are doing online is recorded.

Private VPN claims a no logs policy and does not store any of your data. Unlike many other VPN service providers, Private VPN doesn’t even know what you’re doing online. And so far, I have not seen anything contradicting this information.

But what if the government asks for your data?

I’m sure this can’t happen, but there is always the question “what if”. So, even if this happens and any carrier or government requests access, they can’t get anything, this is a special quality that PrivateVPN has.

But why doesn’t the government have access?

You already know that PrivateVPN is located in Sweden. This country is quite perfect for a VPN service provider because it has no restrictions or legal restrictions on storing a person’s personal information. Therefore, they are not committed to disclosing any information.

IPv6 leak protection

IPv6 stands for Internet Protocol Version 6, allowing data transfer and communication done over the Internet. Personal internet access using IPv6 protection.

The most important VPN goal is not to let your IP address be exposed. I believe that if the VPN doesn’t have IPv6 leak protection, it loses its purpose, meaning your location will be known by third parties and they can control your migration.

Do all VPNs protect IPv6 leak?

Are not. Some VPNs are more about marketing than your safety. So if you want to find a VPN that doesn’t need to protect you from data leaks, don’t bother buying it either.

Therefore, when choosing a VPN service provider, always pay attention to IPv6 protection, it will help protect you from data leaks and access to your location.

Excellent customer support

While looking for other points to try out in this Private VPN review, I found they have a “Contact Us” window where you can talk directly to their developers. I wondered how long it would take to get an answer from them, and was amazed when I received an answer within minutes. Very quickly when you are thinking this is practically an online chat.

What’s more, it’s very easy to use. All you need is to enter your name, email, message and just press the Enter button. Just that, wait for the Private VPN representative to respond. It’s really that easy.

Furthermore, considering the aspect that not everyone likes to write messages and wants to find everything online, there is another way. I want to test it out for myself since I started writing this Private VPN review.

It turns out that the Private VPN also has a FAQ page where you can find all the FAQs. So, if you find all the answers here, you won’t need to go through the extra steps.

Faster than many other VPNs

When going through many Private VPN reviews, I noticed many of them highlight the speed of Private VPN. So I also want to test it and see if they are correct and if Private VPN is really that fast.

Keep in mind that many VPNs can greatly reduce your Internet performance. Download speeds average 52.59 Mbps, which is already very fast compared to the top VPN providers.

The maximum download speed can reach 73.84 Mbps, which is relatively high considering the fact that the price of Private VPN is one of the lowest you can see on the market. The truth is, I don’t know if the ratio of price and speed gets better.


Having covered all the advantages of evaluating Private VPN, it’s time to move on to its flaws because no matter how good the service is, there is always something that needs to be improved.

Relatively few server choices

Since PrivateVPN was founded in 2009, I was expecting to be able to find a large number of servers to choose from. You can check out the host list provided on their home page.

While writing this Private VPN review, I noticed it has over 150 servers located in 60 countries. This number is relatively small compared to other VPN service providers. One of them even has up to 1000 servers or more.

However, the number of servers should not be a concern because Private VPN is focusing on this issue and doing everything to expand this number. It is therefore only a matter of time until they reach the number of servers that other popular VPN providers usually have.

Private VPN pricing and extra details

If you’ve ever read other Private VPN reviews or are interested in other VPNs, I believe you all look at the price. Basically, prices fall between $ 8 and $ 9 per month and around $ 50 to $ 60 per year.

Compared to other VPN services, Private VPN has a relatively lower price tag, especially if you choose the 12-month plan. See for yourself.


Here are the full pricing for Private VPN:

  • 1 month – $ 8.10 per month
  • 3 months – $ 5.03 per month
  • 24 months – $ 2.07 per month

Plus, Private VPN allows multiple payment methods, so you don’t need to worry about this. You can choose to pay with credit card, PayPal, or use Bitcoin. Just click on the best option for you and be protected from cyber attacks!

Is there a trial and a money back guarantee?


Yes and yes. Even if not many VPN service providers recommend a trial publication, Private VPN does allow a 7-day trial to see if it meets your expectations. One important point to know in this Private Tunnel VPN review is that you will have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Would I recommend it?

Yes of course. From the very beginning, I told you I will test to see if the Private VPN is up to expectations. Now I definitely say it completely met expectations.

Although it does not have a large number of servers, but its advantages completely outweigh this feature. It works with both torrent and Netflix, has strong military grade AES-256 encryption.

What’s more, the speed can reach 139.62 Mbit / s. It’s actually one of the highest speeds any VPN can get, the price is lower than imaginable, only $ 3.82 per month if you choose the longer plan.

However, if Private VPN is not really what you are looking for, take a look at our list of the best VPNs – you will find the most recommended providers on the market.

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